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The music Playing was chosen by myself. It is the most popular Americam music I could find.Over the years it has played, it has never received any hype or promotion but it's own presence can drive most Americans mad trying to remember the words. If this music confuses you,you may be a true American.

This arrangnent is played by a Gentleman named Harry Todd , who paid his dues with such people as Hank Williams and other great artist, if you listen close to the inculcation you will know that he has been there and done that.

The haunting sounds first appeared in the 1920'. A singer names Vern Dalheart recorded "The Prisoners Song" it was the first record to ever sell over a million copies.

The next time this melody sold over a million copies was by an up and coming star named Roy Acuff, the words were changed but it was the same music he called it "The Great Speckled Bird". turn page